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Brevoli is a consultancy and venture firm based in the Netherlands. We distinguish ourselves by going so much further than our traditional competitors. Instead of an external investor just waiting for the pay-off, Brevoli acts as a partner to your cause. We believe in your premise and bring years of experience and know-how into an active participation with only one goal - help your company succeed in bringing your ideas to life.

We live in a beautiful time for creation and innovation, and never before have we seen such an abundance of both ideas and the tools to realise them. Unfortunately, because of a lack of capital, guidance or insights into the jungle of corporate development, too many brilliant ideas and winning concepts are never made a reality. We want to make sure your venture can thrive - if you believe in your product, we believe in you.

By providing a combination of financial and active management support, Brevoli can help fresh startups as well as established companies. We focus on bringing the advice, motivation or liquidity you might need to grow or expand, but also regularly assist in implementing restructuring and recovery processes.